Blotter Week of May 7th, 2023 – May 13th, 2023

5/7/202310:01 AMImperialMedical – emergencyImperial EMS
5/7/202311:32 AMImperial911 CallChase County Sheriff’s Office
5/7/20231:33 PMImperialWeatherChase County Sheriff’s Office
5/7/20232:08 PMImperialInformationOther Agency
5/7/20233:21 PMImperialReckless drivingChase County Sheriff’s Office
5/7/20234:31 PMChampionAnimal – At Large (Domestic, Wild, Live Stock)Chase County Sheriff’s Office
5/7/20235:21 PMImperialInformationChase County Sheriff’s Office
5/7/20237:09 PMImperialAnimal – At Large (Domestic, Wild, Live Stock)Imperial Police Department
5/7/20238:43 PMImperialInformationChase County Sheriff’s Office
5/7/202310:40 PMImperialSuspicious ActivityImperial Police Department
5/8/20238:40 AMWaunetaMedical – emergencyWauneta EMS
5/8/20238:52 AMChampionAnimal – Injured (domestic, wild, live stock)Game and Parks
5/8/202311:31 AMImperialMedical – transferImperial EMS
5/8/20232:08 PMEnders911 CallChase County Sheriff’s Office
5/8/20233:15 PMImperialVehicle InspectionChase County Sheriff’s Office
5/8/20236:40 PMImperialAnimal – Complaint (domestic, wild, live stock)Imperial Police Department
5/9/20231:06 AMImperialDisturbing the peace (noise complaint)Imperial Police Department
5/9/202310:46 AMImperialGun PermitChase County Sheriff’s Office
5/9/20231:44 PMImperialVehicle InspectionChase County Sheriff’s Office
5/9/20233:52 PMImperialHit and runImperial Police Department
5/9/20234:32 PMImperialMedical – emergencyImperial EMS
5/9/20235:44 PMWauneta911 Hang upChase County Sheriff’s Office
5/10/20235:11 AMPalisadeAnimal – At Large (Domestic, Wild, Live Stock)Other Agency
5/10/20238:49 AMChampionInformationChase County Sheriff’s Office
5/10/20239:25 AMImperialBurn PermitImperial Fire Department
5/10/20232:02 PMWaunetaTheftChase County Sheriff’s Office
5/10/20232:02 PMImperialWeatherChase County Sheriff’s Office
5/10/20236:38 PMEndersMedical – emergencyImperial EMS
5/10/20238:00 PMImperial911 CallChase County Sheriff’s Office
5/11/20237:44 AMImperialBurn PermitLamar Fire Department
5/11/20237:58 AMWaunetaMedical – emergencyChase County Sheriff’s Office
5/11/20238:19 AMImperialAccident With InjuryImperial Police Department
5/11/20238:21 AMImperialVehicle InspectionChase County Sheriff’s Office
5/11/20239:11 AMImperialVehicle InspectionChase County Sheriff’s Office
5/11/20239:17 AMImperialVehicle InspectionChase County Sheriff’s Office
5/11/202310:09 AMImperialLitteringImperial Police Department
5/11/202310:13 AMImperialMedical – emergencyImperial EMS
5/11/202312:42 PMImperialCity ordinance violationImperial Police Department
5/11/20233:02 PMImperialWeatherChase County Sheriff’s Office
5/11/20233:44 PMImperialTraffic HazardImperial Police Department
5/11/20235:29 PMImperialComplaintChase County Sheriff’s Office
5/12/20231:05 AMWaunetaElectricity outOther Agency
5/12/20235:14 AMImperialInformationChase County Sheriff’s Office
5/12/202310:14 PMEndersComplaintChase County Sheriff’s Office
5/13/20232:35 PMImperialAccident Without InjuryImperial Police Department
5/13/20233:26 PMImperialAssist other agencyImperial Police Department
5/13/20238:47 PMImperialSuspicious PersonImperial Police Department

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