Blotter Week of Jan 8th, 2023 – Jan 14th, 2023

1/8/20231:36 AMimperialMedical – emergencyImperial EMS
1/8/20238:46 AMImperialAnimal – Complaint (domestic, wild, live stock)Imperial Police Department
1/8/202310:51 AMImperialSuicidal PersonImperial Police Department
1/8/202311:14 AMImperialMedical – emergencyImperial EMS
1/8/202312:59 PMImperialSuspicious VehicleImperial Police Department
1/9/20235:53 AMRuralMedical – emergencyImperial EMS
1/9/20237:47 AMRuralInformationChase County Sheriff’s Office
1/9/20239:41 AMRuralBurn PermitImperial Fire Department
1/9/20239:52 AMWaunetaAbandoned vehicleChase County Sheriff’s Office
1/9/202310:28 AMRuralBurn PermitImperial Fire Department
1/9/202311:27 AMRuralBurn PermitLamar Fire Department
1/9/202311:40 AMRuralBurn PermitImperial Fire Department
1/9/202311:42 AMRuralBurn PermitImperial Fire Department
1/9/20232:51 PMImperialGun PermitChase County Sheriff’s Office
1/9/20234:54 PMImperialMotorist AssistImperial Police Department
1/10/20237:25 AMRuralInformationChase County Sheriff’s Office
1/10/20239:05 AMImperialGun PermitChase County Sheriff’s Office
1/10/20239:54 AMImperialVehicle InspectionChase County Sheriff’s Office
1/10/202311:46 AMImperialVehicle InspectionChase County Sheriff’s Office
1/10/20235:41 PMImperialVehicle InspectionChase County Sheriff’s Office
1/10/20238:42 PMImperialMotorist AssistImperial Police Department
1/11/20235:54 AMImperialMedical – emergencyImperial EMS
1/11/20238:10 AMImperialFire – AlarmChase County Sheriff’s Office
1/11/20238:36 AMRuralBurn PermitImperial Fire Department
1/11/20239:36 AMRuralStranded MotoristChase County Sheriff’s Office
1/11/202310:43 AMRuralTheftChase County Sheriff’s Office
1/11/202311:44 AMRuralAnimal – Complaint (domestic, wild, live stock)Chase County Sheriff’s Office
1/11/202312:57 PMRuralFire – StructureImperial Fire Department
1/11/20239:30 PMWaunetaDeath (witnessed, unwitnessed)Chase County Sheriff’s Office
1/12/20238:04 AMImperialVehicle InspectionChase County Sheriff’s Office
1/12/20238:49 AMImperialVehicle InspectionChase County Sheriff’s Office
1/12/202310:20 AMWaunetaSuspicious PersonChase County Sheriff’s Office
1/12/20231:09 PMImperialInformationImperial Police Department
1/12/20232:33 PMImperialGun PermitChase County Sheriff’s Office
1/12/20239:46 PMImperialHarassmentChase County Sheriff’s Office
1/12/202310:43 PMImperialReckless DriverImperial Police Department
1/13/20239:58 AMImperial911 Hang upImperial Police Department
1/13/202312:31 PMImperialInformationImperial Police Department
1/13/20231:00 PMRuralBurn PermitImperial Fire Department
1/13/20234:16 PMRuralBurn PermitImperial Fire Department
1/13/20234:22 PMRuralBurn PermitImperial Fire Department
1/13/20236:17 PMRuralAssist other agencyChase County Sheriff’s Office
1/14/20239:09 AMImperial911 CallChase County Sheriff’s Office
1/14/202311:13 AMRuralBurn PermitImperial Fire Department
1/14/202311:37 AMRuralInformationChase County Sheriff’s Office
1/14/20239:11 PMRural911 Hang upChase County Sheriff’s Office

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